How to compress a pdf file on my mac

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac with Preview

Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since Her writing has been featured in "JPG" magazine and on Zlio. Skip to main content. About the Author Sophie Southern has been a freelance writer since Southern, Sophie. The software is compatible with OS X Images make up a significant part of the size of typical PDF file.

PDF Shrink can modify the resolution and compression level of the images to match different requirements.

How to compress a PDF file

Fonts can also make PDFs larger than necessary so Shrink allows you to optionally remove embedded "base 14" fonts. Shrink can also delete unused elements such as metadata, thumbnails and duplicated data.

Protect your documents using PDF Shrink's new encryption feature. Prevent unauthorized access by adding a password or restrict use by selecting from several options including whether to allow changes, printing and content extraction. You can even set a different password to prevent unauthorized people from opening the PDF. Need PDF optimized for a different use? The intuitive new wizard removes the jargon and unfamiliar terms from selecting different configurations to produce PDF optimized for different uses. Just tell the wizard how you plan to use your PDF and Shrink 4 picks the appropriate settings for you.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

Or use the Advanced mode to directly specify your settings. PDF files can be created by so many different applications that it is difficult to give one answer. Discover New Mac Apps. Categories Desktop Apps For You. Sign in Create account. Apps For You. PDF Shrink.

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PDF Shrink 4. Compress PDF documents. Version 4. PDF Shrink Screenshots. Rate this app:. Post review.

Compress PDF Files On macOS With NXPowerLite

Most helpful. PDF Shrink does the job and does it well. It turns out that it is: How-To - http colon-slash-slash www dot hoboes dot com slash Mimsy slash?

Plus, core OS filters are likely to be compatible with future OS without updating costs. Like 2. Incredible but true!

But if you decide it's the right way to go, here's what you'll need to do in order to reduce the file size of a PDF on your Mac , via the Preview app. Open the PDF in Preview. Once the file is open, go up to the top toolbar and select "File" and then "Export. Click on Export. You'll see a pop-up window appear over the top-middle section of the PDF — click the drop-down menu next to "Quartz Filter" and select "Reduce File Size. Direkt in den deutschen Mittelstand investieren und feste Zinsen erhalten.

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