List of known mac os x viruses

By definition as in the literal definition of the English words , "conspiracy theory" includes all rumours of non-disclosure. So all rumours of "proprietary information" are literally conspiracy theories until they are proved, at which point they become fact of the conspiracy to withhold information.

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In this, our Mis Information Age, any information which cannot be easily accessed by an experienced search engine user is — irrefutably — the direct result of two or more parties conspiring to withhold information, i. I'm not convinced that withholding information of any kind from the human race could ever be in Humanity's best interests.

Proprietary companies have historically disagreed; but then they were responsible for limited liability corporations which are inevitably going to kill us all if they are not eradicated from the face of the planet very shortly. So my argument is clearly in favour of Sophos disclosing information Apple would prefer to be kept hidden for the benefit of…? The limited liability corporation that is nothing more than some sheets of paper which assert that Apple exists.

But imagining there is such a thing as a profit-driven company giving away "free lunches" is pretty much how Humanity got itself onto the gameplay guaranteed fast track for extinction. I'm a fan of Sophos Antivirus. I need that in order to run some software that I cannot run on Mac that enables me to fill out the forms that the Army uses. Now I have plugged in some USB drives into my computer that have Windows stuff on them, and yes, not everything on those drives was purchased.

Sophos found and got rid of the potential threats that were in that mess on my drives. So it has kept crap off of my system and even prevented it from getting on other PCs that I have.

Look, the anti-virus is free, it does the job, and it's better than going completely unprotected into the world. I like to surf some porn now and then so why not have a virtual "jimmy" in place just in case? For those that think that malware will never happen to them I kind of giggle. That's exactly what pretty much anyone else has said about things before they happened to them. What's it hurt to use a prophylactic?

Amazes me though that it's free. How come you guys aren't charging for it? Not that I'm grumbling though, LOL.

List of known mac os x viruses

Ok interesting facts, but really a disgusting article posing as news to try to scare you into buying security software! I for one will not be retarding the performance of my computer by buying a security product after reading this article. Yes it is possible to write viruses and malware for apple systems, no one who knows about computers has ever seriously thought otherwise despite the claims of salespeople. That's the only product we mention isn't it?

And, by the way, our free home user Mac anti-virus product is fully-featured — there's no "premium" edition we try to upsell people to. Hackers hack. If a strong hacker really wants to get you, trust me, he will. Nevermind what system or security you are using. And if a friend sends me shit, not knowing it is malware? Or what if some commercial pops up and gives me some crap? This stuff happens often and most ppl don't even notice it.

There was a time, when I cleaned inftected PCs for a living. You wouldn't believe how much crap ppl download — thinking it's safe. You can't expect the mainstream user to understand what todownload and what not. If you were on board in the early 90's, when all this stuff started hitting very hard on the mainstream Windows , you would have learned a lesson or two about how to deal with this stuff and what to make of it.

Windows systems?

Ah, yes. Think again.

Can Macs Get Viruses?

Ehm, most Antiviruses nowadays are extremly fast and ressource-friendly. We're not in the 90's anymore. What gives?! Man, that's extremly cheap, considering what you get! My dad installed Sophos AV on his Mac, because he kept complaining about strange behaviour and such things. Now he is upset about those, that told him, that Macs are more resistant to viruses.

Obviously, like this article demonstrates, it's not. Hi Nicole, it is indeed more resistent to viruses, but it still can get infected. There are way less malware attacks aimed to Macs than to PCs. Depending on how you use your computer, the pros of a mac vs a pc rest not only on the virus issue, but on the apps, stability and funcionality… it all depends on what you're looking for when buying a computer. Just wanted to point that out, macs tend to get less trouble with malware, but they are not invulnerable.

You can find virus and malware on many Macs, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is a Mac virus, malware or trojan. You will find e-mail laced with nasty attachments, that will only infect Windows PCs. Will all respect to the folks at Sophos, their Mac product isn't as good as ClamXav in detecting threats in e-mails.

But then again Clam doesn't do active scanning, while Sophos does, so in theory Sophos would do a better job detecting "drive-by" infections that caused the most recent significant scare. Yes, I came here tonight because Sophos found a virus… but it was a PC virus. I'm sure it was in my email. This discussion is worth reading as there are "no free lunches".

There's a price to pay for everything, even a free lunch. Macs are loved, almost blindly, by Mac enthusiasts. I am one. But I have no malice toward MS for what it is creating. I do think the Unix kernel makes Macs more stable, reliable and easy to use. I think all of us who had to deep 6 our pre-OSX machines were ticked that Apple would no longer support them, but in the end it has been good for all of us. If Bill deep 6'd the older code in Windows there'd probably be a huge out cry initially, but then things would improve.

He's trying to be all things to all people and we know you can't win that game. I will keep my OS updated.

Can macOS get infected with malware?

Enjoy my dependable, well built machine which worked after being submerged while asleep in my backpack when a waterbottle lid came loose It has fallen off the top of may car twice… I put it there to be "safe" because I was loading my car… jeez. It was stepped on once and looks like it has been to Afghanistan.

But here I am using it. And updating my Sophos. Thank you for having it. I agree with the idea of belt and suspenders. Sophos can't hurt a product that is already very capable, it can only help it.

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Very interesting and good to know there are humans out there checking on these threats, especially since I was interested in buying a Mac. Now I'll just stick with my good, old Windows PC. There are a number of users in the Linux community thinking there are no threats for mainstream Linux OSs. Canonical even claims to have "Antivirus protection" in their latest Ubuntu version Things like: 1 Browser hacks through Mozilla in an Ubuntu System.

Google, official Ubuntu forums 3 Ubuntu systems getting hacked. Does Sophos AV for Mac scan, detect, and remove malware associated with kernel extensions kext files? I would like to see more in the way of kext, and plist, checks. I used to subscribe to a Mac forum and the newsletter was sent out regularly. One day, it came to me 'loaded' spoofed brilliantly, in fact — one of the links which was particularly interesting didn't go where it should have ….

Mac may have few viruses now but as Apple becomes more dominant surely they will attract more attention. It seems foolhardy not to have a deterrent in place.