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Smooth-P , Oct 8, Jan 22, Posts: As others said, Mac supports PS3 controllers natively.

PS3 controller on OSX EL Captain

I don't remember exactly how I set it up or where I found the info but it literally took less than 5 minutes. Very simple.

Never had any issues with connectivity or anything either. Padges , Oct 9, Jul 19, Posts: Eric5h5 , Oct 9, May 12, Posts: MarigoldFleur , Oct 9, You need to install drivers for the controller regardless of what operating system you're using, so that's a strange objection. Standard USB controllers have no issues and don't require drivers.

Nov 24, Posts: Yeah, the drivers out there just plain don't like certain systems. The official PS3 controllers and Gamestop's somewhat cheaper official clone work very well wired.

How to use a PS3 controller on Mac OS X (Lion) · GitHub

I haven't actually found instructions to use my GS pad via Bluetooth, though. In case anybody needs the layout: Jul 2, Posts: Last edited: Oct 9, Sep 21, Posts: And here's an easy way to get them working in Unity: Jul 4, Posts: Nition , Oct 17, Dual Shock 3 might be the most favored gaming controller of our generation. There can be several reasons to bonify this fact, like it is simple to use, or it can be used on multiple platforms, and it is pretty cheap too.

Using the PS3 Controller on Mac can be the best choice to enjoy the games to the fullest. The procedure to set up a PS3 Controller on Mac is very simple. Follow these steps in order to connect the Sony Dual Shock 3 on your Mac via the Bluetooth connection:.

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Go to Apple menu , click on System Preferences , and then click on Bluetooth. You can do it either through the Bluetooth preference panel or the menu bar item. Now press the PS button round button present on the middle of the controller for 2 seconds to turn it on until the red light on the controller blinks.

It flashes as it tries to pair with the Mac. The Bluetooth preference panel might show a device available but not yet connected as it is trying to pair the Mac with the PS3 gamepad.

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  • How to Connect a Playstation 3 Controller to a Mac in OS X El Capitan, Yosemite & Mavericks.

Enter in the box and click on Accept. Close the Bluetooth Setup Assistant now. Your Dual Shock 3 is now connected to your Mac. Also, if you are using OS X Next, disable Bluetooth on Mac, and wait for 2 seconds.

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