Outlook mac 2011 signature font

Uncheck the box "Always match my default message font". Mark any text you want to change. Right-Click on it and choose "Font" from the contextual menu.

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There are options here to make it bold, or to show other fonts. If you liked this post, consider using the Reputation System by hitting the icon on the left. I appreciate your reply but that doesn't appear to work for me. Now, how do I change the font and color? What am I missing? Type in your signature, then highlight it.

Signatures in Outlook 2011 for Mac

Then you can change either one to your heart's content. I'll go quietly into the night now. You can:. Apply formatting such as font, font style, font size, font color, or highlighting.

Frequently Asked Questions - WiseStamp Outlook Signature Generator

Select the text before applying any formatting. Add photo, logo or picture to your signature by inserting Pictures from Photo Browser or Picture from file. Add a hyperlink to your portfolio or company website. On the Outlook menu, select Preferences. Under Choose default signature , select the account for which you'll set a default signature. If you want to add a signature to all new messages, set the New messages option accordingly.

How to Manage Your Email Signature in Outlook

On the Outlook menu, click Preferences. Under E-mail , click Signatures.

Click Add. Double-click Untitled , and then type a name for the signature. Select the text, and then on the Format menu, click the option that you want.

Mac outlook 2011 signature font

Position the cursor in the signature where you want to add a link, and then on the Format menu, click Hyperlink. To include a signature as one of these random selections, select the check box in the Random column next to the Signature name. Hyperlinks are converted to plain text. And by text only, I mean black, point type in one standard font from their operating system. This is important to remember when creating your e-mail signature.

While most people will be able to view anything you throw at them, many will not.

Signature Outlook sur mac

Not everyone has high-speed Internet access, and many people turn off their e-mail client's ability to automatically download graphics. This means that if you use a graphic for your signature say, a scan of your actual signature , a certain percentage of your recipients will never see it. Instead, they'll see the text that surrounds it—which of course is not what you intended. There are several other important reasons for using text for your signature line. For example, Apple's Mail application and TextEdit are both able to automatically recognize e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses, to help you add them to your Address Book.

If you use a graphic for that information, you lose this helpful ability that Apple provides.

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Therefore, I strongly recommend not including any essential information in graphic-only form. Not only will your message not be received properly, the file size of graphics can make low-speed Internet users angry. The good news is that you can be hugely creative by simply formatting the text of your signature with different fonts, font sizes, spacing, and colors.

You can also use symbols from any font to create decorative dividing lines and simple graphic treatments. Here's an excellent example of a very simple but effective signature that uses size, color, tracking, and special characters. I suggest using only the basic cross-platform system fonts for your signatures, to increase the likelihood that your recipient will see exactly what you created.

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Here is a complete list of common cross-platform fonts. Since there's no such thing as "tracking" in e-mail spacing out characters in text , the example above has a space between each letter, and an extra space between the first and last name. The name is formatted in point Verdana Regular and colored orange.